Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rather exciting day

Well, its an exciting day today for me!! Release of my new webpage. I'm so thrilled with it and pleased I finally have one:

Rae Monet did a fantastic job. Not sure about the newsletter part yet, though. I can't figure out that part. I think I might just stick with blogging and Facebook :-).

Other part of the exciting news is that Held: Alia's story is out at Amazon. This was a really short story and I expanded it. It's still not that long at about 81 pages, but I have added quite a bit and re-edited it. Kylie's story will be out next.

and then its a tough choice--Derrick's story? Or Savannah and her men?
Hmmm, choices, choices


  1. Definitely continue the Old Fashioned series! I am so in love!!! :D

    1. Hey Polly
      So glad you enjoyed the old-fashioned series. The series itself is probably finished, however some of the characters from this series are going to get their own stories!

  2. Do you intend to continue the Unforgettable storyline? Rick needs someone to love.

    1. You're quite right Susan he does deserve someone to love and I had always planned to give him his own story, so I need to put some thought into it! Not sure when I will actually get to it, but I will let you all know!