Sunday, 27 October 2013

Set Free: Kylie's story

Well, I'm about 12000 words into Kylie's story and thought it was time for an sneak peak. The following isn't edited:

“And I don’t want to hear you disparage this beautiful body. We’re going to get you healthy again, that’s very important. But no matter what size you are stunning, beautiful girl.”

He moved her hair over onto one side before kissing his way down her back. Dropping to his knees, he disappeared behind her, but she could feel his lips against her lower back. Then he kissed the top of her ass.

Kylie stepped forward, dropping her hands to cover her bottom.

“Stop,” Reagan ordered. She froze, wishing she could ignore the command in his voice. “Hands back on your head and step back to me.”

She shook her head. She couldn’t.

“That’s another ten minutes of corner time. We’re up to twenty now, do you want to make it thirty?” he asked.

God, she hated standing naked in the corner like a naughty child. But she couldn’t let him touch her there.

“Kylie, I want to give you your reward, but if you continue to disobey me then we’re going to both be disappointed. Don’t you want your reward, baby?”

She did, she really, really did.

“Then do as I say. Trust me, Kylie. I would never hurt you.”

She couldn’t keep running from each hurdle she faced. It was time to be brave.

Kylie raised her hands and took a step back.