Tuesday, 19 June 2012


My latest story, Firecracker, has just come out on Amazon!
I'm very excited as its a bit different that my other stories.
While it still contains spanking-of course!- the spanking is rather more erotic in context that about discipline-although discipline and punishment is involved.
It's contains BDSM, spanking, sex, romance, love...all the good things.
I'll post the blurb below and I hope you enjoy it!

If you walk out that door, Sienna, then don’t ever come back.
Two years later, Clint’s cold words still ringing in her ears, Sienna finds herself on a plane, returning to Montana. 
To the husband she’d run away from.
A phone call from her distraught best friend gives Sienna the courage, and the excuse, she needs to return. She’s determined to show Clint that she’s changed—to see if there was any chance he still wants her, or whether she’s truly lost him forever.
Clint is thrilled that Sienna’s come home, even if she is returning because of his brother’s accident. He wants to prove to his estranged wife that he’s changed. That he’s no longer the cold asshole she ran away from. 
Sienna and Clint quickly discover their desire for each other hasn’t waned. If anything it’s increased, especially when Clint tells Sienna the secret he’d kept throughout their marriage. That he is a dom. That he wants to show her how much she would enjoy being his submissive. 
But both of them are too afraid to speak about their real issues, to push each other for commitment for fear of scaring the other one away.
Will they ever get their act together and learn to communicate or will Sienna run once more?

Contains BDSM, spanking,explicit sex, M/F.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Taken-Risa's story

Well, I've been busy putting together three stories (Taken Risa's story part I and II and Risa's Pregnancy) into one story. It's been revised a bit and re-edited.
Taken: Risa's story is a futuristic story. There are  some nasty characters who kidnap our heroine and subject her to enemas, paddlings, diapers, strappings and humiliating inspections.
But luckily our hero sweeps in and spirits her away. Only he doesn't seem inclined to let her go, in fact he spanks her when she attempts to escape.
And yet as Risa gets to know him, she finds herself torn between her need to escape and rescue her friends and her feelings for the man who effectively bought her.
Check it out on Amazon soon: Taken-Risa's story.