Sunday, 9 December 2012

Her Old-fashioned boss out now

Her Old-Fashioned Boss is out at Amazon now.
This was a difficult story for me to write as my heroine has an eating disorder, something I've been working through for years. I tried not to put too much of myself into it, but that often happens. I once had a someone ask why so many of my stories have characters with eating issues and that's because I guess my female characters each have a bit of me.
Here is the blurb and an excerpt:
Here is the Blurb:
Roarke and Sam have been together for years. They love each other, yet they feel there is something missing. And Sam thinks they need a woman. Someone they can coddle and protect.
But Roarke isn’t so sure. For years he’s blamed himself for his brother’s death. The only person he’s ever allowed to get close since is Sam.
Then Ava Scott applies for the job as Roarke’s personal assistant and both men find themselves instantly attracted and intrigued by the tiny woman.
For years Ava Scott has fought the effects of an eating disorder. One she’s too ashamed to talk about. Now down to her last few dollars, Ava’s desperate for a job. She can’t believe it when she’s hired as the personal assistant to the owner of several BDSM clubs. She’s always been a bit curious about BDSM, and finds herself quickly attracted to dominant Roarke and his submissive partner, Sam.
It’s an interest she knows will never be reciprocated. They’re gay, they’re together and Roarke is her boss—a kind of old-fashioned, overprotective boss who likes to spank.
Warning: Involves a Dom with a hand like a paddle, his partner who has an oral fixation and a heroine with body issues. MMF, includes MM, spanking, anal plugs.

“Shh.” He ran his hand up and down her arm to soothe her. “You didn’t upset me. I was just remembering how worried I was about Sam and thinking of every horrible thing that could have happened to him. And no, honey, I am not going to spank you. It wouldn’t be right when you had no idea about my rule.”

“Oh,” she said. Did she actually sound disappointed? That couldn’t possibly be right.

He glanced over at Sam who looked equally flummoxed.

“Ava?” Sam asked gently, waiting until she raised her face. “Do you want Roarke to spank you?”

“Well, it’s just…it’s going to sound silly.”

“You can say anything to us, sweet,” Sam told her. “We won’t laugh or ridicule you, I promise.”

She was silent for a long moment, but Roarke didn’t want to push her on this. She had to learn that she could trust them, that she could open up and be vulnerable with them.

“I’ve just, I’ve never been spanked before.”

Roarke raised his brow, turning her to look up at him. “Never?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Not that I can remember, anyway. When they punished us in the foster homes, it was mainly time out or doing chores or going to bed without supper, but I’ve never been spanked.”

“Well, the time-out method has some effect, but I promise I will never force you to do chores and I will never let you go to bed hungry. In fact, I want to see you eating three healthy meals a day, young lady,” he said sternly. He’d been longing to take her to task over her eating habits, but hadn’t felt he had the right. He didn’t want to make a big deal about it, it was obvious from the stark way she ate that there were some issues there and he didn’t want to go wading in without knowing exactly what was going on. No way did he want to make things worse. But he had to make sure she was healthy.

Ava held her hands tightly in her lap. “The thing is, you obviously, umm, hold Sam accountable for things he does outside of what goes on in your playroom or bedroom.”

“Yes, I do. Sam is my submissive. Always. We’ve been together a long time and we have a sort of rhythm going. He doesn’t get punished that much anymore. But he still has rules to follow and if he breaks them then his butt generally pays.”

She nodded, but still lay tense in his arms. “What is it, sweetie?” he asked.

“I just think, I can’t go into this relationship without knowing...I mean, I want to go into this for good, I-I care for both of you and it would kill me to lose you. But I have to know what it would be like.”

Roarke felt a ping of sudden understanding. “You want to know what you’re getting yourself in for.”

“Yes,” she sighed.

He nodded. He understood, he’d feel the same way. “Okay, baby. I’ll spank you. But after breakfast. No one should be spanked on an empty stomach.”

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Her Old-Fashioned Boss...coming soon

Just received my cover for Her Old-Fashioned Boss from the amazing Carey Abbott @ Gorgeous! And pink, my fav. I'm hoping to release this by January, 2013, maybe a bit earlier-all things going to plan!
This is Roarke and Sam's story...and the woman of their dreams. More to come...

Friday, 2 November 2012

New Story Out! Unforgettable

My latest book, Unforgettable, is a romance (of course)...with a bit of paranormal and some spanking too of course!
Four weeks ago, Eden awoke in hospital alone, battered and bruised with no memory of her past, beyond her name. Thanks to Rick, the Sheriff, she finds a job and a place to live, but she’s plagued by nightmares and the sense that she’s in some sort of trouble.
Galen James has been living in fear for the last four weeks. He has no idea where his mate has disappeared to or even if she is still alive. When he gets a phone call from Rick Andrews telling him Eden is safe, he’s never been more relieved.
But there’s a catch. Eden has no memory of him or their relationship. She doesn’t know who took her from him and she has no idea that she’s mated to a werelion.
But now that he’s found her, Galen has no intention of leaving her. He will take care of her, whether she wants his protection or not. And he will have her love and her obedience…
Contains spanking, anal play and punishment, and some very sexy, arrogant shapeshifters.

His wicked grin had her shivering in reaction. “Oh, yes,” he drawled. “Everyone obeys me, especially you, kitten.”

“Even if I did obey your orders before, it doesn’t mean I will now.” She glared at him, meeting his intense stare full on. But he didn’t growl or argue, rather a crooked smile tugged at those full lips.

“But you might just enjoy obeying my orders,” his voice was soft, silken, almost a whisper, but his eyes were aflame with sexual promise. Breathless, she searched for a distraction, a way to break away from his captivating spell.

Reaching down, she grabbed a strawberry and brought it to her lips, grateful when he broke his stare to do the same.

“See now, I knew you’d obey me in the end,” his voice was so full of male satisfaction that she choked as the strawberry went down her throat, resulting in an ungraceful display of coughing and spluttering while he patted her back, scolding her for eating too fast. Finally, she got herself under control, chugging down some water before wiping the tears from her eyes.

It felt surreal, sitting here on a blanket, having a picnic with a man she didn’t know, and yet she did. Her man. Wow. How had she earned the love of a man like this? Intense. Gorgeous. Powerful.

 Unsurprisingly, her head throbbed as she strained with lost fragments of her past, struggled to remember the man whose thigh deliberately brushed hers, whose touch was a familiar shock of pleasure, whose gaze roamed her body with a single-minded intensity that spoke of sin and lust.

She was jolted from her thoughts as Galen rolled her until so she was sprawled against him. A heavy smack landed on her ass, her cotton pants providing little protection as Galen spanked her twice more. “Stop it.” His voice had a core of pure steel.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Old-fashioned series

A few people have asked if there are more stories coming in the Old-fashioned series. And the answer is Yes! Definitely! I'm not finished with this series yet. I've started Roarke and Sam's story and don't worry, they get a woman to complete their little family. I also want to write about Brax, and, well, with the way characters keep popping up there may be a couple more stories after that :-)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

What I'm working on now...

Well, I've started a new project. I love writing spanking and age play stories, of course, but I also adore paranormal stories too. So this next story I'm working on incorporates spanking and shape shifters. Lion shifters to be exact...yum :-)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Her Old-Fashioned Husband available now!

I'm excited to announce that I've received a beautiful cover for Her Old-Fashioned Husband. Once again, Carey Abbot has done an amazing job! Check out Her Old-Fashioned Husband at Amazon now!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Monday, 3 September 2012

Coming soon...

Well, I'm part way through editing An Old-Fashioned Husband-Frankie and Tom's story. Very exciting. This story did not go the way I was expecting. I had it all mapped out then Frankie went and changed everything, pulling it off in a direction I hadn't expected. And new characters appeared as well.
I should've guessed. While Tom might be in charge of the relationship, Frankie is a driving force!
Should be ready in another week all things going to plan.
But here is a small excerpt:

“Ow,” Frankie cried, jumping at the heavy spank that landed on her butt.
“Are you allowed to speak while standing in the corner like a naughty little girl?” Tom asked her.
Immediately, she was flooded with the need to submit.
“No,” she replied softly.
“Then hush.”
She closed her eyes, her throbbing butt cheek a reminder to behave. It was easier to stand here now, even knowing he was staring at her naked butt, because this was what Tom wanted from her.
“Come here, baby girl," her husband said gently.
Frankie turned. Tom sat on the sofa. She gulped as she got closer and saw what rested on the seat beside him.
“Tom?” she queried, her gaze caught on the hairbrush and paddle. "You're not going to use all of these, are you?"  Frankie trembled as she stared down at him, pleading with him silently.
Tom looked up at her seriously before he raised his hand.“A hand spanking for forgetting your dinner.” He picked up the hairbrush. “The hairbrush for hanging up on me.” He moved to the paddle. “The paddle is your morning spanking as part of your punishment for last night.”
Frankie gulped. “You’re going to use a paddle on me twice a day for the next two weeks?”
How the hell would she survive it?
Tom shook his head. Relief surged through her. “Sometimes I’ll use my hand, sometimes the hairbrush or the belt.”
Frankie whimpered.
Tom patted his lap. “Lay yourself over my lap and we’ll begin.”
She shook her head. “I can’t.”
Tom simply stared at her. “Don’t you want to get rid of that guilt rolling in your stomach?”
“Yes,” she whispered. “But can’t you just do it? Can’t you just pull me over your lap?”
“No, baby,” he told her. “I know that’s what I’ve done in the past, but I’m pushing you further now. I want more and I know that you do to. You can do this, Frankie. Give us what we both need.”

Friday, 31 August 2012

Trouble comes in Threes

I've reworked some old short stories of mine and put them together in a sort of 3 for 1. Trouble Comes in Threes has Loving Addy, Punishing Marly and Mending Mari. There is of course spanking, domestic discipline and some age play and menage... yum.
Check Trouble Comes in Threes out on Amazon

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


My latest story, Firecracker, has just come out on Amazon!
I'm very excited as its a bit different that my other stories.
While it still contains spanking-of course!- the spanking is rather more erotic in context that about discipline-although discipline and punishment is involved.
It's contains BDSM, spanking, sex, romance, love...all the good things.
I'll post the blurb below and I hope you enjoy it!

If you walk out that door, Sienna, then don’t ever come back.
Two years later, Clint’s cold words still ringing in her ears, Sienna finds herself on a plane, returning to Montana. 
To the husband she’d run away from.
A phone call from her distraught best friend gives Sienna the courage, and the excuse, she needs to return. She’s determined to show Clint that she’s changed—to see if there was any chance he still wants her, or whether she’s truly lost him forever.
Clint is thrilled that Sienna’s come home, even if she is returning because of his brother’s accident. He wants to prove to his estranged wife that he’s changed. That he’s no longer the cold asshole she ran away from. 
Sienna and Clint quickly discover their desire for each other hasn’t waned. If anything it’s increased, especially when Clint tells Sienna the secret he’d kept throughout their marriage. That he is a dom. That he wants to show her how much she would enjoy being his submissive. 
But both of them are too afraid to speak about their real issues, to push each other for commitment for fear of scaring the other one away.
Will they ever get their act together and learn to communicate or will Sienna run once more?

Contains BDSM, spanking,explicit sex, M/F.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Taken-Risa's story

Well, I've been busy putting together three stories (Taken Risa's story part I and II and Risa's Pregnancy) into one story. It's been revised a bit and re-edited.
Taken: Risa's story is a futuristic story. There are  some nasty characters who kidnap our heroine and subject her to enemas, paddlings, diapers, strappings and humiliating inspections.
But luckily our hero sweeps in and spirits her away. Only he doesn't seem inclined to let her go, in fact he spanks her when she attempts to escape.
And yet as Risa gets to know him, she finds herself torn between her need to escape and rescue her friends and her feelings for the man who effectively bought her.
Check it out on Amazon soon: Taken-Risa's story.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

New story

At the moment I'm working on a new story. Another in the Old-fashioned men series. I thought it was about time Frankie had a story devoted to her. So this one is a little different in that Frankie and Tom are already married.
But its exciting to plot and plan...I'm looking forward to the journey these characters take me on....:-)