Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Her Old-Fashioned Boss...coming soon

Just received my cover for Her Old-Fashioned Boss from the amazing Carey Abbott @ ebookcoverdesignsbycarey.com. Gorgeous! And pink, my fav. I'm hoping to release this by January, 2013, maybe a bit earlier-all things going to plan!
This is Roarke and Sam's story...and the woman of their dreams. More to come...

Friday, 2 November 2012

New Story Out! Unforgettable

My latest book, Unforgettable, is a romance (of course)...with a bit of paranormal and some spanking too of course!
Four weeks ago, Eden awoke in hospital alone, battered and bruised with no memory of her past, beyond her name. Thanks to Rick, the Sheriff, she finds a job and a place to live, but she’s plagued by nightmares and the sense that she’s in some sort of trouble.
Galen James has been living in fear for the last four weeks. He has no idea where his mate has disappeared to or even if she is still alive. When he gets a phone call from Rick Andrews telling him Eden is safe, he’s never been more relieved.
But there’s a catch. Eden has no memory of him or their relationship. She doesn’t know who took her from him and she has no idea that she’s mated to a werelion.
But now that he’s found her, Galen has no intention of leaving her. He will take care of her, whether she wants his protection or not. And he will have her love and her obedience…
Contains spanking, anal play and punishment, and some very sexy, arrogant shapeshifters.

His wicked grin had her shivering in reaction. “Oh, yes,” he drawled. “Everyone obeys me, especially you, kitten.”

“Even if I did obey your orders before, it doesn’t mean I will now.” She glared at him, meeting his intense stare full on. But he didn’t growl or argue, rather a crooked smile tugged at those full lips.

“But you might just enjoy obeying my orders,” his voice was soft, silken, almost a whisper, but his eyes were aflame with sexual promise. Breathless, she searched for a distraction, a way to break away from his captivating spell.

Reaching down, she grabbed a strawberry and brought it to her lips, grateful when he broke his stare to do the same.

“See now, I knew you’d obey me in the end,” his voice was so full of male satisfaction that she choked as the strawberry went down her throat, resulting in an ungraceful display of coughing and spluttering while he patted her back, scolding her for eating too fast. Finally, she got herself under control, chugging down some water before wiping the tears from her eyes.

It felt surreal, sitting here on a blanket, having a picnic with a man she didn’t know, and yet she did. Her man. Wow. How had she earned the love of a man like this? Intense. Gorgeous. Powerful.

 Unsurprisingly, her head throbbed as she strained with lost fragments of her past, struggled to remember the man whose thigh deliberately brushed hers, whose touch was a familiar shock of pleasure, whose gaze roamed her body with a single-minded intensity that spoke of sin and lust.

She was jolted from her thoughts as Galen rolled her until so she was sprawled against him. A heavy smack landed on her ass, her cotton pants providing little protection as Galen spanked her twice more. “Stop it.” His voice had a core of pure steel.