Monday, 13 April 2015

Long overdue post...

Okay, so this post is waaayy overdue. Pretty terrible really. I think since the last time I posted I've had at least four books published, started two new series-The Doms of Decadence and Men of Orion, and last but not least had a baby. She is now nine months old. Boy, time does fly.
Short post...have to find out what my too-quiet baby is up to!

P.S new book coming out 30th April...Sinfully Yours, Sir
 Here is a little excerpt:

Climbing from the warmth of the blankets, she quickly ran around the room, gathering up her clothes and pulling them on. Her head pounded as she moved, protesting her lack of sleep. Hopping around on one leg, she was attempting to get her jeans on when the door to the room opened, surprising her.

She fell back on her ass, staring up at Dylan.

“Tilly! Are you okay?” Dylan strode over towards her, looking down at her in concern. “Did you hurt yourself?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

She took the hand he held out, letting him pull her to her feet. She rubbed her butt.

“You hurt your bottom? Let me look.”

“What? No, it’s fine.” She squeaked as he turned her. She hadn’t managed to get her jeans up her legs so she only wore a t-shirt and panties.

Dylan pulled her panties down over her ass.

“Dylan!” she protested, trying to turn and push away his hand.

“Stand still,” he told her firmly as he ran his hand over her butt cheeks. “They don’t appear bruised.”

“I’m fine. Just clumsy and embarrassed.”

Dylan replaced her panties. “Once this is all over we need to do some lingerie shopping. I want to see you in something lacy. And red.”

“Really?” she said, slightly turned on at the idea of shopping for panties with him.
“Hmm.” He turned her back around and kissed her. “I have dreams of seeing you in lacy, red panties and nothing else.”