Sunday, 11 August 2013

New Series!! Yay!!

I'm excited to announce I'll be starting a new series very soon--Decadence series. We'll be revisiting some old characters from Her Old-Fashioned Boss and will definitely be meeting up once more with Sam, Roarke, Ava and their friends. I'm actually planning on the first story being Derrick, who we met in Her Old-Fashioned Love.

When I'm reading a book, I love revisiting old characters, seeing how characters are getting on. After all, they become like old friends, right?

At the moment, though, I'm working on re-editing the next two stories in the Rayshod series. These should be out soon on Amazon and Blushing Books. I hope to do a few more Sci-fi books in the future. So many stories, so little time :-)


  1. Yay----I am so glad to hear that Decadence has become a reality!! Woot Woot--Can't Wait!! It will be amazing. I give it 5 stars and it isn't even out yet!

  2. Waiting for "Decadence" here in NY. Derrick is first, ummm then maybe second would be one of Ava's friends? Maybe? Possibly? Ahhh please.

  3. I think you are totally right-Derrick should definitely be next!