Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lila's Loves is released

Yay, Lila's Loves is now available on Amazon!


  1. Loved Lila's. Loves! Are there more stories from this group of friends? Also are you going to do a story for Brax from your original'Old Fashioned' family?

  2. Thank you! Will definitely be writing Laken's story at least. And yes, Braxs story is next! Wouldn't leave him without a HEA

  3. Laylah,
    When will Lila's Loves come out in other places??? I have a Nook, so Amazon is not so good for me! I have all your other books and know I will love this one too!
    Waiting anxiously!


    1. Hi Dawn I decided to try enrolling Lilas loves in KDP select which means it stays on amazon exclusively for 90 days. After that it will definitely be up on Blushing Books which means you can download it from there. Sorry!

  4. Sad to say and I wish it werent so, dear,
    but having many lovers at one time is a
    mortal sin... and we wanna please God,
    dont we? to get ALL the benefits of
    Seventh-Heaven we can for eternity??
    C'mon, girl! Cant God do anything like
    having a menage a trois for each of us??
    Thats exactly whot Im lookn4ward2...
    or something much better...

    So get RITE with Jesus, babe.
    Cya Upstairs.
    Love you.