Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Her Old-Fashioned Boss...coming soon

Just received my cover for Her Old-Fashioned Boss from the amazing Carey Abbott @ ebookcoverdesignsbycarey.com. Gorgeous! And pink, my fav. I'm hoping to release this by January, 2013, maybe a bit earlier-all things going to plan!
This is Roarke and Sam's story...and the woman of their dreams. More to come...


  1. Welcome to blogging! Love your work. Best of luck, and I'll be sure to drop by again.

    Anastasia Vitsky

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    1. I'm so glad you have been enjoying my stories, Decadence series has a nice ring to it, I must say. I'm in midst of writing a BDSM story called Laken's Surrender which should be out for preorder within next four weeks :-)

    2. Looking forward to it!! I will be preordering for sure!!

      I loved the whole anorexia theme. As someone who suffered with this over 30 years ago, I struggled with it for years, even after I stopped. The mental anguish involved with anorexia continues long after the behavior has stopped. I wonder, after reading your story, how much quicker I would have been healed if I had BDSM to assist me.......hmmm makes you wonder. It was refreshing to see a storyline dealing with this important issue. I have a wonderful husband, who while we were dating would not allow this behavior to continue--he drove everyday to my workplace, bought me lunch and sat with me until I ate it. He encouraged me to continue gaining weight and helped me realize that he truly, truly loved me and wanted me to have curves. That he loved me completely. It is amazing to have lived through the transformation.

      Again, thank you for approaching the topic. I for one was appreciative and cried at some points, guess I still had remnants of it somewhere that needed to be dealt with. Looking forward to Laken's Surrender and hoping you will have a Decadence Series. :-)

  3. Tracey, thank you so much for sharing that. Wow, your husband sounds like a truly amazing man. I am so glad you found him and that he could help you through your anorexia. And I totally agree, for me, the mental anguish has lingered on for a long time

  4. It took me 9 years to get the mental anguish to go away--hoping yours will end soon.

    Am so excited that Decadence will be coming out soon!! It will be amazing for sure. It will be nice to have old characters come back and to see all the new Doms coming in. Never run out of characters!